Train For Rail

Railways are the veins of our country, transporting millions of passengers and tonnes of goods each day while supporting vital social, political and economic development.

Pioneering improvements are currently underway on our railways, including extensive Network Rail upgrades and the High Speed 2(HS2) project. These developments are designed to bring people, skills and businesses closer together than ever before, opening up new markets and propelling economic growth across the UK.

Help Meet The Demand

To meet this increasing demand, a large number of skilled professionals are needed in a variety of roles to help build, improve and run our railways safely and efficiently.

Whether you are upskilling into a new sector or looking for a career change, there’s never been a better time to train for rail.

How Do I Qualify For Rail Industry Work?

Find a sponsor

Getting sponsorship from a RISQS Registered Company is the first step towards a railway career. Your sponsor could be a rail engineering company (your employer or the company to which you provide self-employed services) or other RISQS accredited company.

Drug & alcohol screening and medicals

Network Rail operate a strict drug and alcohol policy to which all employees must comply.  A medical assessment will look into your medical history and any current issues affecting your general health, for example weight, eyesight and hearing.

Get a Sentinel card

Think of your Sentinel card as your passport to work on railway infrastructure.  Your sponsor will register you on the Network Rail Sentinel system which will enable you to undertake your training.  Once you have reached an entry-level competence you will be issued with your unique Sentinel smartcard, which provides access to critical information about your identity, safety and competence through the Sentinel scheme online database.

Training for rail

Our Personal Track Safety (PTS) is an entry-level course which will provide you with an overview of the rules and regulations that must be observed when working ‘on or near the line’ on the railway infrastructure.

Tykon Group is a fully RISQS accredited company and Sentinel approved sponsor

Alongside our extensive range of rail training, we offer PTS Bundle courses includes PTS training, Industry Common Induction (ICI) for Network Rail and the London Underground, as well as sponsorship, medical check and drug and alcohol screening.

 View all of the training courses we provide here.

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