TYKON Group are collaborating with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Prince’s Trust, Shaw Trust, The Resource centre, Prospects, YMCA and various other charitable organisations to work with the long term unemployed and socially disadvantaged, to give them a chance to get into long term employment. We are also working with offenders and ex-offenders on their rehabilitation, getting them ready to enter back in to society and help reduce the amount of re-offending.

Secured Funding

Once we have secured funding for their training and PPE and they have finished the course they will have TIC, PTS, ICI-LU & Network Rail, Rail medical, Rail drug and alcohol screening, OLEC1, small tools, manual handling, first aid and fire awareness training, however, we can tailor these courses to suit your organisation.

Our thought behind these programmes is, what better way to learn from engineering and construction experts who have created a career in a niche skilled industry. Rail mentors would be the perfect type of personality to help these people get back on track or make positive steps in their lives. In turn, the current work force can upskill, and so on up the ladder. Which will (over time) help buffer the shortage of people needed to deliver the rail projects.

TYKON Group and Network Rail

TYKON have partnered with Network Rail in several areas having donated 2 tracks, which have been installed at our Basildon & Coventry sites. With the promise of more to come. Network Rail have also committed to giving these candidates an opportunity to get a start in the Rail Industry.

TYKON are in the process to starting this initiative with TfW and TfL.

The project can makes a huge impact on our and your social responsibility and can benefit your workforce.

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