Everyone deserves a second chance

According to a study by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD), over half of employers struggle to fill vacancies due to skills shortages. This has led some businesses to look for more innovative solutions to meet their staffing demands, with a growing number of companies in the UK actively encouraging the employment of ex-offenders – a group they believe offers real potential.


Current government figures show that over 300 businesses around the UK are already employing ex-offenders, with many struck by the commitment and loyalty the ex-prison workforce brings. Everyone deserves a second chance and at Tykon we’re more than happy to hear from people in this group keen turn their lives around, with the specialist training we offer.


Help getting back on the rails

We all know that employment enhances an individual’s self-esteem and helps build a renewed and positive sense of self. For employers, there’s huge satisfaction in giving those who’ve come of the rails focus and the chance of a real future. Ex-offenders are a great resource and a practical solution to bridge the skills shortage. Other benefits to the economy include employment’s positive impact on preventing a return to crime – a problem that costs the UK around £15bn a year.


Having an open mind and inclusive approach to recruiting can unlock a new pool of talented, highly motivated people you might not have considered before. Not only this, you could enhance your own reputation. 92% of employers who follow initiatives such as the “Ban the Box” campaign, where employers are encouraged to publicly consider job candidates with criminal convictions, say their customers react positively; some have even won new contracts because of it.


Rail industry specialists

Tykon is a training & recruitment consultancy specialising in the provision of highly-skilled technical professionals, contingent labour, training courses and drug & alcohol testing for the built environment. Our areas of expertise include the rail industry where we work with leading organisations such as Network Rail and the Princes Trust to get people back into work and fulfill staffing requirements.


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